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Cynthia wears SO many hats throughout the live music process. It is she who creates the “Creative Music Design” which turns into your “Music Flow Document” - the playbill the musicians will use when they perform your event.

It is so much fun to create these special events! There are so many moving parts and each event and/or wedding is so unique. I marvel at the ideas that are presented, and the fun part is figuring out how to make it come to life.

Once we get through the creation stage, we head into the rehearsal and performance preparation stage. And on the 'Day Of', this is where we play. Did you catch that??? Our work is to PLAY! Now who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Meet Cynthia, the lady of the house, also known as the Hat Lady

Come into the house of Classical Entertainment!

Well guess what! Yes, you can!

Maybe you saw a band you like but you don’t have the space or the budget for a full band. And you’re wondering if it’s possible to emulate something really cool with limited space and/or limited budget.

So you want to add some pizzaz to your event? or a splash of elegance for your wedding ceremony? or to jazz up the ambiance in your back yard party?

Since the age of 8, I knew I wanted to be a ‘piano player’ when I grew up. And so I did! I played my first wedding at age 11. The coolest thing was that I got a new white dress with silver sparkles, but it was the silver sparkle hose that made it groove! I was totally Glam!


In my 20’s I became addicted to Flamenco dancing. Trust me: it’s a fabulous way to stomp out your aggressions!


I am a tree hugger! Right now I live in the desert, but when I grow up I want to live in a place where I can practice Shinrin-Yoku (forest air bathing) out my back door!


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If you are searching for the right fit, something unique, something that allows you to take part in the creation stage, then reach out! I’m here, waiting to brainstorm with you!

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