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Classical Entertainment

Defining the Art of Ambiance

Although we are based in Las Vegas - the Neon Mecca of Entertainment - we are different from the rest, and so are our distinctive clients.


You seek something subtle, classy, exquisitely performed - something concert level but with a contemporary flair and splash of zing. You need a gentle underlying buzz but nothing overly stimulating as you need to be able to chat and communicate with your guests/clients… there’s a deal on the line!

Classical Entertainment:

Our seasoned, top tier artists range in style from easy listening and lite classics, to classic rock in not-your-ever-day instrumental settings, to world traveled jazz virtuosos. We feature artists from many areas across the globe as well as timeless music written hundreds of years ago (after all, we are “Classical” Entertainment!), and we’re ready to customize the musical content to your exact specifications. Our deal is to make sure your deal goes through!

Experience live ambiance music with musicians of a superior calibre. Call us when you’re seeking a magical, musical, zen garden!