Greetings to all ~ and thank you for stopping by Classical Entertainment Inc!

Kindly please allow me to introduce myself: Cynthia Harris here, a classically trained pianist and Vegas live-in for about 35 years. It’s hard to believe all the change I’ve seen in this city! When I first moved to town in 1983, the population was around 200,000. I just checked with Siri; the Las Vegas Valley crested 2 mil. a few years back.

It’s been pretty bizarre managing to survive in the Entertainment Capital of the World as a classically trained pianist. Hint: it’s not the norm here! But then, I’m not particularly one to stay within the norm anyway... so walking to the beat of my own drummer (and what an abundance of fantastic drummers we have in Vegas!) is simply the flavor of the day.

Around the turn of the millennium, Classical Entertainment Inc came about on a whim as I wanted a deeper level of involvement in my music projects than just being the pianist. There wasn’t really a business model for it, so I created one! It is an understatement to say it has been quite an interesting ride but as long as I continue to enjoy each and every day of music making, I plan to stick around.

So if you are looking for some awesome local Las Vegas ambiance entertainment (this usually means instrumental music without all the big production expense) then Classical Entertainment is the place! I personally do ALL the work - all the interaction with the client and all the interaction with the artists. I guarantee that I will match the client’s wishes with the most incredibly perfect Las Vegas Valley talent for your special event. I will help you figure it out, and we’ll bring it in within your budget. And BTW - our local talent hails from all over the globe. I’m talking about top tier artists who have made Vegas home, so when we say local, we’re talking about artists originally from Europe, Asia, Pacific Asian Islands, South America, Africa... this is what Classical Entertainment is talking about. Give us a call: we love to work; we love to play!

Cheerio ~ Cynthia

Best ways to reach me:

~ email me at

~ voicemail on the landline at 702.558.2973

~ text (kindly please reserve texting for emergency needs only) at 702.353.2182