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It's About You!
Cynthia Harris came to Las Vegas in the early 80's with a background as a classical pianist and a belief in the musical future of the city. With a myriad of performing experiences throughout a variety of styles, Classical Entertainment Inc emerged in 2003 … and Cynthia found the purpose of the city: YOU!

This is why Classical Entertainment runs the “YOU” business model. Your reward is a unique, customized musical experience (designed by you!) that your guests will continue to relish … long after your event is over.

What We Do
Live Events

Creating a fun and upbeat atmosphere? Or a Zen-like calm serenity? Our mission is to bring the art of ambiance direct to you. Classical Entertainment talent hails from all over the globe and specializes in creating the perfect backdrop. We know you and your guests are engaged in conversation and socializing; we will not upstage the main focus of your event, we simply “set the stage” for what you have planned.

That Special Day

Ah! Romantic Love! What’s not to like about that?

Your live music must be perfect, whether it’s traditional, contemporary, out of the box, or out of the world! It must be distinctly customized because it’s YOUR unique style that will cast the spell over the entire wedding celebration, starting with the first note... 

What our clients say
''Cynthia is an absolute joy to work with. She went above and beyond our expectations; she gave me ideas I would have never thought about in a million years. If you have a concept in mind, she will do everything in her power to make it work.''
''She listens to every request, finds the music, sources the talent, creates the music arrangements that fit your occasion, works with your other vendors to ensure every detail is in place so you don't need to worry if everyone will be on cue. She does it all with great expertise, flair, and fun.''
''I am absolutely thrilled about the services we received from Classical Entertainment. From the first time I spoke to Cynthia, I knew we were in good hands. She had so many wonderful ideas and musical suggestions.''
''I really cannot say enough about Cynthia and Classical Ent. She was supportive, inspirational, fun, and really went several extra miles to deliver music that matched our event and my personality.''
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